Most of what we procuce we make freely available from we also have a few products and services which are not free but that may be of interest.


Our support policy is very simple:- you get what you pay for.


The deal with all of these offerings is that you are welcome to use them, just don't pretend that you wrote them. If there is a License file (LICENSE*) its terms must be honoured.

Secure FreeWare
Our security and crypto related FreeWare offereings.
The Public Domain Korn Shell is no longer maintained here, see here for details.
Many UNIX systems do not provide an add user script. This one works on BSD, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX and probably many more. Documentation is included at the top of the script.
APC Smart-UPS monitoring with apcmon
apcmon.shar.gz contains scripts to monitor an APC Smart-UPS. Handles programming, monitoring and shutdown when needed. Be sure to have the correct cable (included with APC's power-chute software) to avoid nasty surprises.
We develop most of our packages on BSD systems, bmake.tar.gz is the BSD make(1) utility ported to several non-BSD systems. It supports GNU's autoconf. You need this or at least the macros in to build any of our packages (that need compilation). Both archives are also available from
picalbum and other pic tools
A collection of some of the tools I use to manage my photo album. The Public Crufty Gallery isn't very exciting, most of my pics are of our kids, but you can see what the tools do.
config-sh.tar.gz is a very generic host configuration tool. A single config tree can support many different architectures and UNIX systems, and allow a coherent configuration and tool set to be installed on all.
This is an example configs tree for the above. It is actually a sub-set of the configs tree here.
A generic implementation of the System V rcN script. This is the script that drives Configs and many others. See
DNSMagic is a suite of tools for managing small to very large DNS installations using CVS and a DNS regression tool to avoid disasters.
rtfm(1) is another man2html script. This one however caches the result such that even a httpd that is chrooted with no access to the manual pages (like this one) can present HTML man pages from the cache.
For contractors or others who need to keep track of time spent on various tasks. Does everything but print the invoices :-) (another script does that...)
Contains,[un] and You can a large file to someone and it will be split into small chunks that are individually uuencoded and shar'd and mailed. At the other end they can be unshar'd in any order and they'll automagically reconstitute the original file and clean up.

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